Gaddafi's captured son a sex addict, says ex-wife

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Muammar Gaddafi
London, Nov 23: Captured son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif-a-Islam was a womanizer, according to a Ukrainian woman who claims to be his ex-wife.

Nadia met Saif when she worked as a stripper at a Moscow nightclub and said that when she was to marry Saif, she had to fly to Paris to get operated to "restore" her virginity.

"The doctor proved my innocence in the presence of Saif 's aunt. Then I embraced Islam. I tried to have a normal family, but Saif wanted to live as single man with lovers and orgies," quoted the Daily Mail.

"My husband tried to make me a submissive Eastern woman and I couldn't stand that attitude. Saif took drugs and he couldn't control himself when he was under narcotics," she said.

"He had certain sexual perversions in sex, for example, he liked to do it in public. I understood that we couldn't live together," she said.

Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif-al-Islam was captured on Nov 19 in Southern Libya.

After he was captured, he had offered a bribe of $2 billion to the rebels for his release, reported Az Zintan TV.

The rebels however rejected talks with Saif-al-Islam and looked at his offer as “a humiliation to the revolution", said the channel.

Stories of Gaddafi's voracious sexual appetite are not secret. Gaddafi has been known to bed young men and women during his regime.

According to Gaddafi's chef and manservant, Faisal, Gaddafi tried to seduce him and he often saw him bed young men. He also said that most of the times, he saw the sex maniac Gaddafi nude in his room and would bed four to five women each day.

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