Anna Hazare returns to blogging

Written by: Pti
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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Nov 22: Anna Hazare returned to blogging today (Nov 22), a fortnight after he fell out with his former blogger, whom he accused of airing his views without his authorisation.

In his new blog, Hazare introduced a fresh agenda -- development of 100 model villages to curb corruption -- apart from the Jan Lokpal bill, electoral reforms and decentralisation of power.

For developing 100 model villages, Hazare said they need to involve industrialists with "good character", who are willing to serve the country as some helped Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle.

His new blog postings can be read on and the first posting was about curbing corruption and developing model villages. Hazare had shut down his earlier blog in the first week of this month after he fell out with Raju Parulekar, a journalist who was managing his blog.

The Gandhian had accused Parulekar of airing his views on restructuring Team Anna's core committee without talking to him. Parulekar denied the allegations and made
public an unpublished letter by Hazare, in which he had talked about reorganising his team.

Recalling that some industrialists had financially supported Mahatma Gandhi, he said, "To create model villages, we will also have to involve such industrialists, who are willing to serve the country and are of good character.

"I believe that curbing corruption and creating ideal villages will provide a new direction to the country. I strongly believe that if activists, who have experience in village development provide the necessary guidance, it could help set the direction for the future of India," he said.

In his blog, Hazare said, "If you want proper development of the country, firstly we need to curb corruption. To achieve this, we are working for strong anti-corruption laws like the Jan Lokpal bill."

"To further tackle corruption, we also need electoral reforms, right to reject, decentralisation of power and along with that we also need to work on implementation of existing laws. Simultaneously, we also have to develop 100 model villages in different parts of India," Hazare said.

Hazare said he had received letters from more than 50 educated people offering their services for the cause. "Many people, after fulfilling their family responsibilities, are offering to devote 12-15 days per month. Many people are ready to work in their own areas as volunteers.

"There are many young people who have not married till now and do not wish to get married. They say they are ready to devote their life for the nation and society," he said, adding they will select people with good character and for this he will send his trusted people for selecting them.

He said, "We need to have two leaders per village and to ensure this he will conduct leadership training for three months in villages."


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