US gives away PoK to Pak in distorted map on official site

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Distorted map of India
New Delhi, Nov 21: With the contentious issue of Pakistan occupied Kashmir featuring in every single diplomatic discussion between both India and Pakistan, the case of distorted Indian map can only add fuel to the already raging fire. This time around, the goof up was made by none other than the US, when the website of the US department of state showed PoK as part of Pakistan. In an utter disregard for India's claims in the region, this mistake is grave, especially since this US Dept handles the foreign relations of the country.

The website that carries a list of all the countries that the US enjoys diplomatic relations has an exhaustive array of information including maps. In the page for India, the website ignores India's claims over the PoK with the map not not even showing the disputed status.

Speaking on the issue, strategic affairs expert Brahma Chellaney said, "It shows a distinct pro-Pakistan cartographic tilt that is inconsistent with the UN projection of the entire PoK (including Gilgit-Baltistan) as disputed."

On the need to have regard for India's sensitivities, especially at a time when both countries are looking to have a strategic partnership, former chief of joint intelligence committee and security expert, S D Pradhan commented, "These maps do not reflect PoK either as a disputed area or as Indian territory and it's important that these inaccuracies are brought to the notice of people. This also reflects USA's soft policy towards Pakistan despite their knowledge that Pakistan Army and ISI are maintaining close links with terrorists and Taliban."

The map of Pakistan on the website shows PoK attached to Pakistan with no indication of its disputed status.

There have been earlier instances of such misrepresentation when Google also presented a distorted map. But this is the first time that the US govt has been involved in this grave mistake.

Another example of vital parts of India given to other countries occurred when a faulty map showed Arunachal Pradesh as part of China that had raised a hue and cry.

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