No entry to Parliament for VIPs without MPs certification

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New Delhi, Nov 20: The winter session of parliament will not allow visitors and VIPs to enter the central hall of parliament if they did not have an MP fills up the prescribed certificate and affirms that the VIP or visitor is known to him/her personally.

According to new notification issued to Parliament security for the upcoming winter session beginning on Nov 22, Members of Parliament will now need to certify bonafides of these VIPs to allow them entry into the Parliament House or its prestigious Central Hall. The MPs are asked to file visitor applications only by 1600 hours on a working day, and a day before the card is sought.

The certificate pro forma reads:

"I certify that the particulars indicated in the forms are correct and that the above-named person is MLA/MLC/Speaker/Minister/Former Chief Minister/Ex-Speaker/Former Minister is known to me personally. I take full responsibility for his/her conduct while in the precincts of Parliament House, Central Hall/D.V.G."

The central hall pass will be issued only when an MP finalised that visitors for whom they apply for pass are known very well to them personally, they need to sign an authorisation that "The above mentioned visitor/visitors is/are my relation/personal friend(s)/ are known to me personally and I take full responsibility for him/her/them."

Moreover, except some listed VIPs, only spouses of sitting MPs and their blood relatives, i.e only son, daughter, father and mother are allowed access to the Central Hall, but that too only if the MP certifies that "I certify that the visitor(s) is/are my blood relative(s)."(only son/daughter/father & mother).

Ealier, OneIndia had published a report regarding issuing of visitors pass to MPs kins and friends to watch the Parliamentary process.

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