'Gay' cricket commentator's suicide: Semen test done

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Peter Roebuck
Cape Town, Nov 20: Suicide case of the dead Cricket commentator, Peter Roebuck is taking new turns everyday with new revelations. Now, investigating team have been trying to confirm the sexual molestation charge against Roebuck after conducting semen and DNA test.

55-year-old Roebuck, who committed suicide, has been accused of sexually molesting a Facebook friend, 26-year-old Itai Gondo. According to sources, Roebuck"s semen spilled on to a bedspread as he attempted to have sex with Gondo.

Following Roebuck's suicide news, Gondo claimed, "As far as I am concerned he took his own life because he didn"t want to face the law. He didn"t want to face up to what he did. So, it"s not my problem. He is the architect of his own demise."

Gondo earlier had claimed that Roebuck had ruined his life as he (Gondo) was sexually assaulted by the cricket writer. It was reported earlier that Roebuck met with Gondo through the social networking site - Facebook.

The Herald Sun reported, "It is alleged Roebuck met a man at the hotel with plans to discuss a possible university sponsorship." Roebuck committed suicide after jumping from his room in the Southern Sun Hotel where he was covering a test series between Australia and South Africa.

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