Formula to find real friends from your Facebook friends list

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Melbourne, Nov 19: A new formula may give you the number of real friends in your Facebook friends list and also help you to find out whether or not a person is actually popular in comparison to his Facebook friends list. According to the new formula, one has to divide his Facebook friends by 11 and the result will be the real number of friends they are likely to have.

A Melbourne based analysis of online and real time socializing data reveled that while an average Australian has about 154 online friends, in real life that number shrinks to just 14.

The survey revealed that average number of Facebook users have only 19 genuine friends adding that the social networking users aged 18 to 24 had an average of 17 friends compared to 301 on the social networking site.

According to the New Telegraph report, women have an average of 174 online friends compared to 12 real friends. On the other hands, men have an average of 130 online friends compared to 17 in real life.

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