'Sex addicted' Gaddafi sent female bodyguards to hospitals

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Muammar Gaddafi
Tripoli, Nov 14: The dead Libyan leader - Muammar Gaddafi is still making headlines. One of the close aides of the leader has revealed Gaddafi's addiction to sex. The aide claimed that Gaddafi was so "sick" that many of his victims went to hospital directly from bed for treatment to internal injuries.

Faisal, Gaddafi's chef of seven years, has been quoted as saying, "There were four or sometimes five women each day. They had just become a habit to Gaddafi. They would go into his bedroom, he would have his way with them and then he would come out like he had just blown his nose."

"They all had sex with Gaddafi. The more canny of them became wealthy from his gifts of villas or large sums of cash," added Faisal while talking about the female bodyguards of the late Libyan leader.

"...They went immediately from his bedroom to the hospital," informed Faisal while revealing some of shocking facts about Gaddafi's heavy addiction to sex.

Gaddafi had been one of the world's most mercurial leaders, dominating Libya with a regime that often seemed to run by his whims bringing international condemnation and isolation on his country for four years. He was captured and killed in his hometown of Sirte on Oct 20. The fall of Sirte and Gaddafi's death brought an end to a dictatorial period in Libya and the beginning of a new chapter for its citizens.

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