Google plus does not fall in social network category: Google

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Google Social Network
London, Nov 12: Internet search engine giant, Google Inc said that Google plus is not directly competing with Facebook and is not a social network.

Nikesh Arora, Google's Chief Business Officer said, "It is a platform which allows us to bring social elements into all the services and products that we offer. So you have seen YouTube come into Google+; you've seen Google+ with 'direct connect' go into our search business."

"We are trying to make sure we use social signals across all of our products... It's not just about getting people together on one site and calling it a social network," he added. However, "there are some features on Google+ which compete with some features on Facebook," he added.

Meanwhile, Google+ has attracted more than 40 million users since its public launch, about a month ago, but has a long way to go to come up with Facebook's membership of approximately 800 million.

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