Soldiers unearth Gaddafi's mafia wealth in Libya

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Gaddafi Berlusconi
Tripoli, Nov 12: Libyan soldiers have found former autocratic ruler Muammar Gaddafi's secret cache of gold, dollars and euros buried in a garden on the outskirts of Sirte.

According to a TV report showed on a Doha based satellite news channel Al-Libya, the cache was found in a garden in Gaddafi's stronghold Zanaki Kamish, containing the equivalent of around one million euros in the local dinar currency and a bag full of euro bank notes and gold ingot.

"We found a safe so full of money and gold that four men like us can't lift it," a soldier was reported to have said, while another added, "this is Gaddafi's mafia money. For this money he killed thousands of Libyans."

Gaddafi had been one of the world's most mercurial leaders, dominating Libya with a regime that often seemed to run by his whims bringing international condemnation and isolation on his country for four years. He was captured and killed in his hometown of Sirte on Oct 20. The fall of Sirte and Gaddafi's death brought an end to a dictatorial period in Libya and the beginning of a new chapter for its citizens.

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