Know about your latest city events through 'Tweetographer'

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Washington, Nov 10: The Tweetographer, a web based application helps users to provide latest information on events like parties, concert, games which are going to happen in their cities in next few hours .

The application provides the information by collecting in real time tweets sent by large number of people and extracting information on the latest happening in a locality.

Meanwhile, the tweetographer is the brainchild of William Clifton and Alex Padgett, computer science undergraduates at the University of Cincinnati.

"We wanted to explore data mining, which is an important area of research in computer science, in the context of social media," Padgett said, according to a university statement.

"Everything is out there in public domain, a giant pool of untapped data, tagged with latitude and longitude. It's very precise and lends itself to so many uses," Padgett added.

Clifton said, "We realised we could do all sorts of things with this data. We could add all sorts of functions but we worked really hard to avoid 'feature creep' and decided to focus on events."

Padget also said that sometimes it was difficult to provide exact information to the users as so many people type in their own shorthand, which is difficult to understand.

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