Facebook: Love to be friends with women, scams hit men !

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New Delhi, Nov 10: Men, beware of all Facebook scams before accepting any friend requests from any stranger women. A survey recently revealed that men get into several traps in the social networking site mostly over their desire to become friends of stranger women.

Following a survey on more than 1,500 UK and US based internet users, report says that men are more vulnerable to Facebook scams than women. It seems that women are more cautious than men in accepting friend requests from any stranger in the social networking site like Facebook.

Exposing men's natural attitude, the survey also shows that men are more careless than women in starting relationship in the social networking site than women besides sharing personal information snubbing security issues.

The study was conducted by anti-virus software company Bitdefender and it claims that men are likely to accept friend requests from strangers; announce their location, ignore privacy settings; leave their account open for all to view; and fail to read a website's privacy policies.

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