Computers to help humans to become immortal super-beings?

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New York, Nov 9: Ray Kurzweli, a US futurist and inventor has predicted that after some years, computers will be superior than human beings and will facilitate them to live forever.

The futurist claimed that in the first half of this century, the technology will move through a phase/ moment--'Singularity' where computer technology will be developed beyond human expectations. The phase would trigger computers to become smart enough to improve themselves without human intervention.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald report, Ray has set 2029 as the year when computers will overtake humans and facilitate human beings to cure dangerous diseases, defeat death and become immortals.

"Every aspect of human life will be irreversibly transformed," says Kurzweil.

He has also claimed that computers will enter human beings' bodies and brains and the pace of change will be beyond our understanding unless we enhance ourselves with artificial intelligence boosts.

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