Mysterious hole on field: Spaceship with aliens lands in UP?

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Spaceship on Uttar Pradesh
Lucknow, Nov 9: People in Hardoi village, Uttar Pradesh are too excited that they have started celebration. The current situation reminds people the famous Bollywood movie - Koi Mil Gaya where a spaceship landed with aliens. Citing a mysterious hole on paddy field in the village, people started doubting that aliens might have come in a spaceship which might have landed on the farm land creating a mysterious hole overnight.

According to sources, a mysterious hole has been created on a farm land in the village. Almost 10 feet wide hole was full of water and people were shocked after seeing the situation. According to some villagers, who stay near the field, one heavy sound came on that night though they could not see any suspicious thing on the field.

Many started speculating that an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) might have landed on the field, though several conflicting news have been coming over the reason of causing such large hole which has been created over a night.

Police officials and municipal authorities have already started investigation in the mysterious incident. Initially people doubted that it was a case of stealing soil from the field but when officials tried to measure the width and length of the hole, all crops started floating on the water.

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