Google+ opens business and direct connect features

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Google Social Network
San Francisco, Nov 8: Google's newly launched social networking service, Google+ unveiled its business and brand pages. The new features on Google plus will create a competition to expand its users with its major rival Facebook.

Google+ has got more than 40 million users since it opened to the public about a month ago but has a long way to go to catch up with Facebook's membership of approximately 800 million.

The latest features will allow users to set up Google Plus pages just as Facebook. Meanwhile, Google showcased the new Plus feature on Nov 7 with pages from 20 business, celebrities and sports teams. The initial list includes FC Barcelona, Burberry, Pepsi, Save the Children, Toyota, the Muppets, the Dallas Cowboys, Pepsi and the pop music group Train. Other organizations can open their Plus pages at

The new business feature would allow users to connect with their local bike shop, for example or follow a band on tour and would help businesses and brands connect with customers and fans.

The Google's social networking site also launched a feature called "Direct Connect" to allow users to quickly find a particular Google+ page.

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