Transforming India has kicked off in Bangalore

Written by: S. K Shama Sundara
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Transforming India
Books have been my constant companion over the years, but book release functions have rarely fascinated me. Book releases are celebrated affairs especially in Bangalore. With books of every genre being released, my affair with books revolve around its reading only. My take being that the authors views will be best expressed in the book rather than speaking about the same in auditoriums.

But like all days are different, today seemed to be one of 'those' days when I gladly accepted the invitation of a young friend of mine, Amit Malviya by email to attend a book release event in the City. Taking it as a good excuse from rotting away in front of the PC and getting entangled in the World Wide, I decided to brave the rain to attend the function.

I have to admit that the locality chosen for the launch was a big draw as well. The lush green Nrupatunga road, the beautiful avenue, Yavanika, the Karnataka youth Center auditorium next to the regal RBI buildings in Down town Bangalore was a major bonus to attend.

As I arrived at the venue, saw the author of the book, Dr Atanu Dey seated with other guests in the drawing room. People were slowly trickling into the hall and as expected the function was delayed by half an hour.

The book 'Transforming India' was released by Prof. P V Krishna Bhat, Karnataka MLC and a top Karnataka ABVP functionary. The function was presided by Dr MS Thimmappa, former Vice-Chancellor Bangalore University.

Thankfully, the occasion did not have tedious speeches and the three dignitaries present chose to share their view point briefly. The talks revolved around the core focus of the book itself, 'What ails India, how we to get out this situation'. The occasion without putting on any blame on anyone, be it politicians or the broached the subject of corruption, poverty, malnutrition, elections, urban middle class and big ideas for a Developed Nation.

The event was organized by the Friends of BJP in association with Center for Educational and Social Studies (CESS) who had also organized an interactive session with the author, Dr Atanu Dey. The organizers were selling the book at a nominal price of $2  which is equivalent to roughly about Rs 94. Dr. M S Thimmappa on the nominal price of the book said that Rs 94 was the average daily income for 52% of Indians, while another 28% of people go to sleep without dinner. I couldn't help but wonder on the other 20 per cent, who were living off others as the 'cream of society'.

Earlier in the week, the organizers of the Transforming India Interactive sessions held an event at the National Law School of India and IISc Bangalore.

The interactive session accompanied with the book release was attended by a predominantly young crowd, mostly professionals under 30. 225 PG students from various colleges in the city also came in hoardes to express their views on Transforming India.

With the feeling of patriotism up my sleeve, I was all set to read the book to find what I can do to transform India. The Book can also be downloaded here for free. 

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