Scared of Mayawati, UP cop forcibly sent to mental asylum

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Lucknow, Nov 5: An IPS officer, who accused Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati as one of the most corrupt ministers and claimed to expose the irregularities in the state, was was dumped in a mental asylum.

Senior police official, Devendra Dutt Mishra, who has only two years left to retire, was manhandled on Friday night and forcibly sent to a mental hospital.

Interacting with media personalities in Lucknow on Friday, Nov 4, Mishra had uttered some shocking facts which had enough potentialities to mar Mayawati's dream ahead of the assembly election in the state.

Mishra claimed that senior officials in the bureaucrat were involved in several corruption cases and he (Mishra) was forced to clear many files which allegedly helped babus siphon off crores of money.

Mishra, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and Anna Hazare, also said, "Everybody has been bought. Fake people are consoling me. After that the administrators are showing courage."

However, clarifying their stand on the issue, police officials claimed, "We got the news that he was sitting in his office and refusing to go home. He is saying things, which make look like he is not in his senses. We came because of this information, people from the government too came and finally we called his daughter too. His daughter along with his friend DIG Abhimanyu Tripathi, who has just retired, tried to reason with him. We were with him for almost an hour. Throughout the one hour he kept saying things which made him look like he was speaking incoherently."

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