Contractors offered $1,000 a day to transport Gaddafi's son

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Saad Gaddafi
Libya, Nov 1: Security contractors were offered $1,000 a day by an Ontario man who would help Muammar Gaddafi's son Saadi Gaddafi flee to the Caribbean, said a security industry source.

The source also said that after the NATO began its air strked in the country, Gary Peters, head of a Cambridge, Ont based security company, tried to set up a team to transport Saadi Gaddafi to Venezuela or Barbados.

Peters also said that he helped Gaddafi's daughter Ayesha flee to Algeria.

“I"m not a mercenary," he said.

“I work for a person in particular, have done for years, for close protection. When we go overseas, I don"t fight. That"s what a mercenary does. Defend? Yes. Shoot? Yes. But for defence, for my boss, and that"s what happened. The convoy got attacked and two of us got hit," said Peters.

After he helped Saadi flee, Peters said that his vehicle was attacked after he returned to Libya. He also said that five of the attackers died in the fight, while he was left injured.

Peters further said that Saadi intended to flee to Mexico, where he had purchased a property after he began to fell that his father's regime was falling. He also wanted to go to Canada but all the plans failed and he later fled to Niger.

“He loves Canada, that"s why he keeps coming back here, every year," said Peters.

“He"s got investments here, he"s got property here. He wants to [move to Canada], but I was warned by RCMP that if he comes here they"ll arrest him straight away, I don"t know why," he said.

Prasing Gaddafi's son he said, “very nice man, very educated, very nice guy. However don"t piss them off, very revengeful people."

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