Musharraf: Afghanistan has always been anti-Pak

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Pervez Musharaff
Washington, Oct 27: Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has slammed India's alleged move to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan and has issued a warning of sorts and said that Islamabad's spy agency will have to take 'counter-measures' if Afghanistan becomes too close to India.

Speaking at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Washington think tank, Musharraf said, "Since our independence, Afghanistan always has been anti-Pakistan because the Soviet Union and India have very good relations in Afghanistan. We must not allow this to continue."

He added, "Now, India is trying to create anti-Pakistan Afghanistan. This is most unfortunate, and I am not saying this because I have some (Indo-centric) - and I'm anti-India. I know this through intelligence; I know this to be a fact. Today - and just to give you one proof: Today, in Afghanistan, Afghanistan diplomats, the intelligence people, the security people, the army men all go to India for training. Now they go there, they come back, they get indoctrinated against Pakistan."

"And the intelligence agency, KGB, RAW and KHAD of Afghanistan have always been in cooperation and talking since 1950s. So I think this needs a rapprochement certainly between India and Pakistan and rapprochement also between the two intelligence organizations: the RAW of India and the ISI of Pakistan."

Calling the current impasse between US and Pakistan "terrible"; Musharraf warned that ethnic conflicts will arise after 2014 when the US withdraws its combat troops from the conflict-prone Afghanistan. Musharraf commented, "Are you leaving a stable Afghanistan or an unstable Afghanistan? Because based on that, I in Pakistan will have to take my own counter-measures. The adverse impact will be on Pakistan, so any leader in Pakistan must think of securing Pakistan's interests."

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