Hang Kiran Bedi or send her to jail: Arvind Kejriwal

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Arvind Kejriwal
Delhi, Oct 26: RTI activist and Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal defending his team member, Kiran Bedi over the issue of inflating her travel bills and said that she be hanged or sent her to jail if she committed a crime

"If Kiran Bedi has committed a crime, hang her. Send her to jail but talk about the Lokpal bill. Whatever mistake she has done, investigate and punish her but we cannot decide it in a press conference whether the allegations are true or false," he said defending Kiran Bedi.

Further warning the government he said that the government would have to face consequences if it kept attacking their anti-corruption movement.

"If the government keeps targeting us like this, next time around, the people will deliver a movement that will be ten timess bigger than the one we saw in August," said Kejriwal.

"Dont forgive us. Give us twice the punishment given to common people. But bring the Lokpal and you will have to," he said.

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