Jeweller in legal soup for copying Bachchan couple's ad

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Amitabh Bachchan
New Delhi, Oct 26: A Delhi based jeweller has landed himself in trouble after he depicted the Bachchan couple's endorsing diamonds by the shop.

The owner of Ramkumar Jewellers impressed with an advertisment made by Tanishq, where the couple are shown educating consumers about the clarity, the cut and carat determining the quality of the diamond, the owner of Ramkumar Jewellers also portrayed Bachchan couple's endorsing diamonds sold by his shop.

"The defendant is restrained from misappropriating the personality rights of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachcan," the court said, noting that Ramkumar Jewellers didn't even have an agreement with them to get their endorsement. "It is a case of stealing valid rights which cannot become rightful in any manner in favour of Ramkumar Jewellers," the court said.

Tanishq, the jewellery major had filed a complaint against Ramkumar Jewellers alleging that it was violation of its commercial rights. Tanishq also submitted a proof of snapshots of the hoardings that showed Ramkumar Jeweller's advertisements and compared it with theirs only to find out that only the names differed.

Tanishq also informed the High Court that it had agreement with the Bachchan couple about marketing and promoting its jewellery adding that the advertisment would also focus on creating awarness and eductaing consumers on diamond jewellery, particularly about the 4C's that are necessary to identify the quality of diamond.

The hoardings put by RamKumar Jewellers however shocked Tanishq which showed the Bachchan couple's endorsing their products. The Jeweller has been asked to explain his stand by the HC.

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