Tirupati drug bust connected to Tollywood?

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Hyderabad, Oct 21: Police have seized a huge quanity of 'cocaine' from two enginnering students in Tirupati. One of the arrested student wanted to be a movie star. Arrested student revealed that he was provided the contraband by a Hyderabad person linked to the film industry.

Tirupati police sezied 800 grams of the narcotic substance from Pradeep and Madhu, the two engineering students on Oct 19, revealed that the contraband was procured from an agent in Krishna Nagar near Yousufguda.

The priliminary invetigation revealed that two were avarage in their studies and were ireggular in their attendence in college. Moreover, to fulfill his dream of getting roles in movies, Pradeep used to visit frequently to Hyderabad and stay with some friend in Krishna Nagar, where a large number of Tollywood aspirants and junior artists stay. Due to short of money, Pradeep sought help from Madan and Madan ageed to help pradeep in some way. Prdeep is always depend upon Madan to gain access to some movie directors.

Later, Madan introduced Pradeep to one Saleem. After that they explained Prdeep about their plan of making huge money. The duo explained to Pradeep about their plan of making huge money by selling cocaine. They encouraged him to sell it in other cities. Prdeep agreed to the plan and procured 800 grams of 'cocaine'

Pradeep agreed to the plan and took 800 grams of 'cocaine' from Saleem and went to Chennai. Where one of his friends promised to help him in selling the narcotic but later he told to Prdeep that he can not help him in seeling of cocaine as it appears to low quality. The Chennai friend introduced Pradeep to his friend Madhu, who has good contacts in SV University, Tirupati and a few Bangalore colleges.

In support of Madhu, Pradeep moved to Tirupati a few days ago and started selling openly it to a few students in the temple town. The duo was caught red-handed in possession of the narcotic substance. Tirupati police sent a few samples to CCS police of Hyderabad to test the drug. Meanwhile, police in charge of Saleem and Madan.

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