Gaddafi smitten with 'African Princess' Condoleezza Rice?

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Muammar Gaddafi - Condoleezza Rice
Washington, Oct 21: With the brutal end to Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's life after he was shot dead by rebel groups in Sirte, the colourful details of Gaddafi's life is emerging. Apart from his female bodyguards and his flamboyant ways making way to headlines, the most fascinating among the stories doing the rounds is Gaddafi's obsession with former US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. Gaddafi referred to her as 'African Princess'.

With Gaddafi's affinity to the opposite sex almost infamous now, his 'slightly eerie obsession' to Rice is the latest to emerge regarding his eccentricities. The claims were made by Rice herself in her memoirs published on Friday.

Rice and Gaddafi first met in Sept 2008, when the flamboyant Libyan leader serenaded Rice during the diplomatic visit. The visit gained much attention since it was the oil-rich African country's change in stand and readiness on diplomatic talks after decades of indifference.

Rice in her memoirs, 'No Higher Honor' had stated that, she had opted to meet Gaddafi in his residence rather than his infamous tent.  She wrote in the book, "Obviously, the first visit by a US secretary of state since 1953 would be a major milestone on the country's path to international acceptability. But Gaddafi also had a slightly eerie fascination with me personally, asking visitors why his 'African princess,' wouldn't visit him."

Shedding light on his eccentric ways, Rice wrote in her memoir that was published online by The Daily Beast, "He suddenly stopped speaking and began rolling his head back and forth. 'Tell President Bush to stop talking about a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine!' he barked. 'It should be one state! Israeltine!'" Rice recalled.

"Perhaps he didn't like what I said next. In a sudden fit, he fired two translators in the room. 'Okay.' I thought, 'this is Gaddafi.'"

There was also an ocassion where the Libyan leader insisted on Rice joining the dictator for dinner at his private kitchen, when he apparently presented the then US Sect of State, Rice with a collection of photos of the US diplomat's meetings with world leaders. The gifting was made in the background music of the song 'Black Flower in the White House', that was specifically written for Rice by a Libyan composer. These revealtions were made in the memoir as well.

Responding to this particular episode, Rice stated in her memoir, "It was weird, but at least it wasn't raunchy."

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