Local Indians-Tibetans share ideas to further cement bonds

Written by: Arvind Sharma
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Dharamsala, Oct 21: Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution (TCCR) and the Dharamsala Tibetan Settlement Office organised a meeting to strengthen the already existing relationship bond between the Indian and Tibetan communities in Dharamsala on Friday. Around 2 dozen intellectuals of Indian and Tibetan organisations gathered, in an effort to come up with united ideas to “bond Indo-Tibet friendship".

Discussing new ideas to make the already existing relationship between the Indian and Tibetan communities “more stronger", Ram Swaroop, advisor of the Indo-Tibet Friendship Association (ITFA) proposed the idea of celebrating festivals together, including “Diwali and Losar to strengthen the bond of friendship".

The leaders from the two communities, representing the local Taxi union, Shopkeepers" Association, and different NGOs vowed to make Dharamshala a “zone of peace, friendship and tourism" instead of sensationalizing “minor issues of conflict" between the two communities in the town.

"We have been living together for a long time, we know each other, so why should we sensationalise small issues of conflict," said Sonam Dechen, Associate Director of TCCR and Convener of the Indo-Tibet meet."

Requesting local Indians and Tibetans to register with the ITFA, Ramesh, the association"s president urged the “two communities to act as one holistic organisation".

The representatives also noted the benefits on the need for the two communities to have a working knowledge of each others languages.

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