Deadly IED blast in Assam; 2 persons critically injured

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Guwahati, Oct 14:A deadly IED bomb blast has struck Assam leading to two people being critically injured. The blast occurred at Assam's Lakhmipur district near National Highway 52.

The blast ripped the sleepy district at around 8.30am at the courtyard of a village house at Harmoti in Lakhimpur district. The district is around 320km east of Assam's main city of Guwahati, a police spokesperson revealed.

An official commented, "It appears to be an improvised explosive device (IED) and was powerful. Since there were not much people around the blast site, the casualty was less."

The two injured were moved to a hospital nearby.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the IED was first found by a rag picker. Unaware of the contents of the packet, he apparently brought it home and left it outside his house. Police officials commented, "Probably it was a time device and the timing of the blast suggests that the explosive was possibly meant to target a busy weekly market from where the boy (rag picker) found it. Definitely some militant group must have planted the IED with an eye on the weekly market at Harmoti."

No terror groups have claimed responsibility for the blasts yet. The police have kickstarted investigations on the case. 

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