Filmmaker files a case against Kingfisher Airlines

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Kingfisher Airlines
Mumbai, Oct 7: Filmmaker Nazim Rizvi has allegedly filed a case against Kingfisher Airlines in the consumer court for unnecessary costs incurred to him, said reports.

The producer who was in Kashmir with the crew of his film was flying out from the Srinagar Airport on Sep 21 after which the entire crew was held back by a lady at the airline counter as she refused to issue boarding passes to the unit members.

The producer in turn had to spend several lakhs on rescheduling tickets for some crew members on different airlines. Nazim also had to pay again for hotel stay, food and beverages in addition to transporting equipments that were supposed to reach Mumbai on Sep 21 adding to his woes following which Nizam filed a damage of Rs 38 lakh.

"Since the city is prone to terrorism, the cast, had to go through three security checks. When some of the unit members reached the counter at 10 pm for the 1.05 am flight, they informed the lady at the ticket counter to issue boarding passes for the rest of the group's members, who were still at security check.

However, she told them that she could only issue the boarding passes when all of the unit members were present. When they queued up, as she requested, the Kingfisher employee told them that they were too late to board the flight. She had issued boarding passes to other passengers, some of whom did not have confirmed bookings.

This took Nazim by surprise, as the entire unit was held up. On top off that, the camera film got destroyed because it was put under the security scanner three times. Nazim has recorded this entire fiasco on a camera," said a source.

The parties in the filed case include, Kingfisher Airlines, Mr Vijay Mallya (Chairman and MD), G.R Gopinath (Vice-Chairman), Mr Vijay Amritraj (Director), Ms Rubina (Staff), Mr Danish (Staff), Mr A Raghunathan (Chief Financial Officer), Mr Subhash R Gupte (Vice-Chairman, Capt).

"We are going to court, on Monday, as Kingfisher has refused to take any action on the said matter, despite repeated reminders through notices. A notice is already served to them via our lawyer Renuka Laxmeshwar," said Nazim.

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