After Gandhi, Anna Hazare to be conferred 'Mahatma' title?

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Oct 3: Controversy irked anti-corruption crusader, Anna Hazare after his native village - Ralegan Siddhi passed a resolution that talked of conferring the septuagenarian with the title 'Mahatma'.

The honour, however, has not gone down too well with critics, Congress party as well as with Anna himself, who expressed his disappointment over the comparison.

According to reports, if Anna agrees to the title then he would be called Mahatma Anna Hazare.

“We all want Anna Hazare to be called Mahatma Anna Hazare. We passed a proposal in the panchayat which received the support of all the people present," said Jai Singh Mapari, sarpanch, Ralegaon Siddhi.

Anna was however unaware of the resolution though it was was supported by his native villagers.

“This is wrong. Mahatma Gandhi"s stature is very high. I cannot match upto him. I am and want to remain a common man," said Anna Hazare.

“We respect Anna Hazare, however, it would be wrong to add Mahatma to his name," said congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi expressing discontent.

Supporters see the image of Mahatma Gandhi in the 74-year-old veteran. Anna has set himself as an example to many across the nation after he put up a strong willed fight against corruption to introduce a Jan Lokpal Bill for the masses.

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