Plot to blow up Pentagon, Capitol foiled; plotter arrested

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Boston, Sept 29: The fears of terror attacks still reigns supreme in the minds of Americans and the fact was validated when a Massachusetts man was arrested following inputs that he had planned to blow up the Pentagon and the US Capitol. It was found that he planned to carry out the operation using a remote-controlled aircraft packed with explosives. The plan was busted due to the timely intervention of federal sting operations.

The man arrested named Rezwan Ferdaus had brought grenades, six machine guns and 24 pounds of C-4 explosive that were delivered by undercover federal agents. The buying was monitored by the agents that helped them nab the culprit. It is understood that Ferdaus meticulously planned the plot.

Federal agents revealed that Ferdaus had planned a jihad against the US way back in 2010. With undercover federal agents acting as members of al Qaeda, the sinister plans were revealed. Aiming to deliver a psychological blow to the "enemies of Allah", Ferdaus considered that by targeting Pentagon which was the "head and heart of the snake", he could deliver a deadly blow. He had stated, "Allah has given us the privilege. He punishes them by our hand. We're the ones."

Several such terror attacks were foiled by the US federal agents. Ferdaus had planned to use 3 remote controlled airplanes measuring about 60 to 80 inches in length packed with five pounds of explosives in each plane. Ferdaus' affidavit also stated that the planes guided by GPS are capable of attaining speeds up to 100 mph that will blow the Pentagon and Capitol to "smithereens". This will be followed by an automatic weapon attack led by 6 people in two teams. He had commented that the desire to attack the US was so strong and said, "I just can't stop. There is no other choice for me."

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