Sex education now 'a must' in UK primary schools

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London, Sept 27: UK has taken a step forward to provide sex lessons to the upcoming youth in the country. Following this notion, the primary school students in the country are given lessons on sex education. Also, the secondary schools are being encouraged to hand out contraception and hold condom demonstrations in class under a scheme meant to promote 'healthy' lifestyles.

In a survey of all 152 English councils, the Family Education Trust found one in five councils told primary schools that decided not to teach sex and relationship education that they would not be eligible for 'Healthy Schools status'.

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, said, "Primary schools that make a principled decision not to teach sex education should not be stigmatised and denied a sought-after award for that reason".

Northamptonshire county council supported giving pupils as young as 12 the opportunity to practise putting a condom on a demonstrator device in the classroom. "In some parts, the programme is being used to impose a liberal and permissive type of sex education on schools by the back door," Wells added.

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