Bangalore: 45,000 unemployed bar dancers enter prostitution

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Bangalore, Sept 26: At least 45,000 unemployed women, who worked as bar dancers before a ban was implemented on their profession, have now entered prostitution.

According to those who were in the profession, they were left with no choice but to sell themselves for their survival.

Despite failed attempts to voice their protest and sort the matter, one of the women has now threatened to commit suicide outside the commissioner's office on Sept 27, said a report in MiD DAY.

The woman who is leading the protest, Meena had earlier said that she and other women would commit mass suicide if the police commissioner failed to do something regarding their plight adding that she would commit suicide no matter what.

"We are about 5,000 women who have unceremoniously lost our jobs following this ban. Almost 80 per cent of our community has contacted agents for employment out of frustration. We used to make about Rs 5,000 per month at the dance bar, but those who have now turned to prostitution are making that much in just one day. It is a bad trend, but it seems like the rest of us are left with no other option but to follow suit," said Meena.

Many shared their tales of woes. "I was thrown out of a company I recently approached for a job after I told the interviewer about my earlier experience. I was just being honest, but then verbally abused me and threw me out," said another bar girl, who wished to remain anonymous.

"My father sold me off to a broker who ensured that I would be suitably employed in the city. Now the broker is absconding and the best option available to me is to either beg on streets or sell my body. I currently make upto Rs 50,000 per month," said another bar girl.

The girls, however are planning to meet B G Jyothi Prakash Mirji, Commissioner of police on Sept 26 for a solution or will commit suicide at his doorstep.

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