Paternity test: Denial proves guilt; Cong's Tiwary exposed?

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ND Tiwari
New Delhi, Sep 23: The Delhi High Court's order over ND tiwari might have brought temporary relief for the veteran Congress leader but the court's statement also partially exposed Tiwari. The court on Friday, Sep 23 claimed that no one can compel Tiwari to give blood sample for DNA test.

"Congress leader ND Tiwari can't be compelled to give blood samples for DNA test in paternity suit," said the court. However, the court also claimed that Tiwari's denial to give blood sample hints that he is "guilty."

"Tiwari's refusal to give blood sample for DNA test leads to presumption that Rohit Shekhar is his biological son," the high court asserted.

Tiwari was expected to undergo a DNA test and give his blood sample to prove the legitimacy of Rohit Shekar, a lawyer by profession who claimed to be Tiwari's biological son.

The joint registrar of the court had earlier asked Tiwari, Rohit Shekar and Ujjwala Sharma (Rohit Shekar's mother) to appear in the court's dispensary to give their blood samples for the DNA test.

The court had turned down the plea made by 85-year-old Tiwari on Dec 23, 2010. The court said that it was the right of the child to know who their biological parents were.

The Delhi High Court, on Nov 12, 2010 rejected Tiwari's plea which sought deletion of some paragraphs from a paternity suit filed against him by Rohit Shekar.

On May 10, last year the apex court rejected Tiwari's plea to judge the paternity suit. The High Court also dismissed his plea that said the petition against him was filed by Shekhar, 31 years after he was born to bring a bad name to him.

Tiwari quit as the governor of Andhra Pradesh after there were allegations against him that hinted at his connection in a sex scandal in the Raj Bhavan.

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