NASA's falling satellite caught on camera

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London, Sept 23: A 20-year-old NASA satellite, UARS is likely to hit the Earth today, Sept 23. BBC reports claim that Thierry Legault, an amateur astrophotographer from Paris, captured the video of the plummeting satellite as it satellite passed over northern France on 15 September.

Legault, an engineer used a specially designed a camera to record the tumbling satellite through his 14-inch telescope and posted the footage on his Astrophotography website.

According to NASA, most of the satellites will break or burn up before reaching Earth. UARS could land anywhere between 57 degrees north and 57 degrees south of the equator – where much of the world population lies.

The US satellite was deployed in 1991 to study the make-up of Earth's atmosphere, particularly its protective ozone layer.

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