Swami Agnivesh seeks forgiveness from Anna Hazare and team

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wami Agnivesh
New Delhi, Sept 21: After anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and his team managed to mobilise public support with their fast for the controversial Jan Lokpal Bill, the bad apple in the team title went to Swami Agnivesh who was accused of being a Congress mole. The fall out with the Anna team cost heavily on Agnivesh with many calling him a traitor and working for Kapil Sibal.

Agnivesh is understood to be repenting his actions and has sought forgiveness from Hazare and others who felt hurt due to his "unintentional acts".

Agnivesh, who is celebrating his birthday on Sept 21, Wednesday said, "I am turning 73 tomorrow. The Jain Samaj is celebrating forgiveness week. I seek forgiveness from those who I unintentionally hurt. If anybody has felt that I hurt them, please forgive me. Incidentally, my birthday also comes on the same day when International Day of Peace is observed."

He added that his appeal for forgiveness was aimed specifically to Anna Hazare, the anti-corruption movement and Arya Samaj organisations. [Read: I spoke to Kapilji, accepts Agnivesh; Will Anna forgive him?]

Agnivesh grabbed media headlines earlier when a sting operation revealed a dubious phone conversation made by Agnivesh to a Congress minister. He was reportedly saying in the call that strong action needed to be taken against the Gandhian and that the government should not be as benevolent towards the cause. The Minister was purported to be Kapil Sibal.

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