Yeddy, Reddy a blot on Uday Lalit's stellar profile?

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BS Yeddyurappa-Uday Lalit-G Janardhana Redd
Bangalore, Sept 21: Uday Lalit, Supreme Court appointed special prosecutor for CBI in 2G Spectrum case is facing the flak over his double standards of prosecuting 2G scam accused even as he defended former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa and mining baron G Janardhana Reddy in corruption cases.

However, Lalit has refused to take up Reddy's case in illegal mining, after coming under-fire. He was already in controversy for not attending the 2G trials, though his presence was crucial as SC was hearing the framing of charges against the accused. Rather, he was defending Yeddyurappa in Karnataka and Reddy in Andhra Pradesh in corruption cases.

Advocate GR Mohan complained to chief justice of Karnataka High Court against Lalit defending the corruption accused despite being a SC appointed public prosecutor in the 2G case. Meanwhile, he pleaded for an inquiry into Lalit's absence in 2G legal proceedings to attend Yeddyurappa's case.

Mohan in his letter of complaint to the chief justice had claimed that Lalit has flouted the SC conditions of his appointment as special prosecutor in 2G trial, for benefiting Yeddyurappa and Reddy. He pointed out that the apex court had stipulated that "a prosecutor notified by the government of India to conduct the 2G trial would have to free himself of various other (legal) obligations so as to make himself thoroughly available for the case".

Mohan in his letter also accused Lalit that he had dishonored binding conditions imposed by the Supreme court by skipping 2G trials, and instead appearing for Yeddyurappa in Bangalore and Reddy in Andhra Pradesh more often.

Reports claim that when Lalit ruled out Reddy's request related to mining case, Reddy broke down in tears and fell at Lalit's feet and pleaded him to argue his case. [Read: Uday Lalit dumps Janardhana Reddy's case; sets him in tears]

But nothing seems to work as, if Lalit defends accused politicians like Reddy, that may put a blot on his official reputation. Also, winning of 2G spectrum scam case as a special prosecutor for CBI will fetch him a good name at national level.

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