What is wrong if Modi uses high profile setting for fast?

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Narendra Modi, Gujarat CM
Ahmedabad, Sept 18: While media is going hullabaloo over the daily expenses used for Chief Minister, Gujarat, Narendra Modi's fast venue that amounts to Rs 5 lakh everyday adding the total expense to 15 lakh for three days, it is questionable why the CM cannot have access to basic amenities when in a developing country, Gujarat stands out as a rich state.

Narendra Modi, who is fasting at the Gujarat University Convention Centre for peace and harmony is being heavily criticised for having a venue with air-conditioners, a bed for him to rest if he gets tired and comfortable sofas around. [Read more:High profile setting for Narendra Modi's Sadbhavana fast].

Drawing a parallel to Mahatma Gandhi's fast during the partition, people still think with 1940 premises/situation for a present act, especially after his government failed to control the 2002 Gujarat riots that people still are unable to forget.

Even Gandhi would have opted for a AC hall for his fast had been alive today, his use of telephone during the 1940's only showed that Bapu himself was not averse to modern approach.

Hence, if opposition thinks it is a publicity stunt and Modi is spending the state's money, then BJP should step forward and bear his expenses to save him from the ostensible criticism.

If high profile setting for a fast has to be ridiculed this heavily, then why are the critics not raising their voice against the palatial houses of all top political leaders and bureaucrats?

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