Approach Lok Adalats with ''open mind'': Judge

Written by: Pti
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Madurai, Sep 17: Madras High Court Judge Justice R Banumathi today (Sept 17) appealed to the insurance companies and transport corporations to approach Lok Adalats "with an open mind" in order to settle pending cases faster.

"Rather than going by the technicalities, the insurance companies and transport corporations must come up with positive efforts in settling matters," Banumathi said in her address at the Mega Lok Adalat organised by the Madurai Bench of the Madras High court here.

"Similarly the advocates and the parties also should come up with an open mind in settling the cases," she said.

Justice Banumathi also said it was the responsibility of the judicial officers also to examine if cases could be resolved through conciliation and mediation.

"As and when the matter comes before us, we will have to take up the responsibility of looking into the paper and find out whether the matter has got any possibility of Settlement either through Lok Adalat or through Mediation. What is required is the change of mindset of the officers," she said.

Justice Banumathi said today alone, as many as 958 cases had been referred for settlement. In 2010, 329 cases were settled by the Principal Seat of the Madurai bench and Rs 8.70 crore was settled. This year, the Prinicipal Seat settled 204 cases and settled Rs 5.45 crore, she said.

Justice P Jyothimani of the Madras High Court bench here said almost all types of cases had been referred to the Lok Adalat. Some of the accident compensation cases were pending for about 20 years, he said, asking the insurance companies and transport corporation to be "broader in their outlook" and complete them.


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