Maid's Suicide: Actor Ravi Kishan in legal trouble?

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Ravi Kishan
Patna, Sep 15: Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan may face a legal trouble over his maid's suicide. Twist hinted a different story beside domestic violation for which the 21-year-old maid reportedly took the fatal step to end her life.

Investigation in the suicide case revealed that the maid had tried to flee from Kishan family several times but was caught and was restrained from her attempt to flee.

The supervisor of the building, where Ravi Kishan's family stays, informed, "Usually, the fulltime maids do not venture out of the building, unless it was something important. A few days ago, we noticed Ruby moving out of the premises. We informed Kissen's family members of her suspicious behaviour, and she was called back to the flat."

The incident hinted something fishy about the suicide case and the actor's family role came under suspicion. Meanwhile, a statement from the dhobi (laundryman) of the family allegedly revealed some wired characteristic of the famous actor.

The daily MiD DAY quoted the dhobi as stating, "He paid a visit to my residence, and asked me to board his vehicle. When my wife questioned his intention, he claimed that he had a few inquiries to make. He then drove me to his house. As soon as I stepped into his house, he confined me in one of his rooms, and said that I would only be allowed to leave after I told him the truth about his missing clothes."

"It is only after the cops accompanied me to Kissen's doorstep that he set my husband free. Since then, we decided not to render our services to the family," the dhobi added.

Here it can be recalled that the domestic help had jumped from Ravi Kishan's building at the Garden Estates in Goregaon.

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