Can't blame the cross-border modules as source of terror: PC

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New Delhi, Sept 14: Home minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday, Sept 13 stressed that India based modules were behind 13/7 Mumbai and Feb 2010 Pune German Bakery blast. India can not blame Pakistan for terror attacks in the country any more. Both the blasts had left 32 dead and over 100 injured.

"We can no longer point to the cross-border modules as the source of terror," Chidambaram told BBC in an interview.

The recent terror attacks that took place in Pune, Mumbai, and two in Delhi, amongst them Pune and Mumbai blast were carried out by Indian modules, as said by home minister.

"We need to put pressure on our friends, Pakistan, to stop terror activities in its neighborhood, he said, adding, " we need "enormous" counter-terror mechanism. "We do need own counter-terror capacity," he said.

India is still working on capacity building against terror attack and country needs some more time to have an adequate capacity, Chidambaram added

He also said that Pakistan has always been an epicenter for terror attacks and "there are people in India, who can join hands with them," which is a concern.

"Another concern is the radicalization of youth. If more youth are radicalized, it will create more trouble for us. We have to wean them away. Then there is the concern how to communicate with the people of India. Policing is not easy in India. India is diverse, plural country. Policing India is a very complex task," he further added.

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