Shame:Guj govt hospital thrashes 23 Thalassemic kids to HIV?

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Junagadh, Sep 11: Government hospital in Gujarat's Junagadh allegedly transmitted unpurified blood to 23 thalassemic kids and unfortunately they have been infected with HIV allegedly after the blood transmission.

The angry mob with the helpless parents of the children accused the hospital staffs of being careless towards the patients while blood transfusion.  However, the hospital authorities overruled all allegations against them.

100 thalassemic children, below the age of ten years, were admitted in the hospital for blood purification which is "must" for them to stay alive.

The hospital authorities, after holding a special meeting, stated that 23 cases have been found to be positive, but they had HIV even before they arrived at the hospital for transfusion.

"We have been strictly following the guidelines of the NACO. There are 23 cases of children who are HIV positive," stated the Medical Superintendent.

Meanwhile, doctors, who demanded for an investigation, informed that the parents of the thalassemic patients generally provide blood from blood bank and only the transfusion is done at the hospital.

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