Hang Ajmal Kasab publicly, declares Anna Hazare

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Sept 10: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare is known for his fiery rhetoric, lambasting corrupt politicians of their role in looting the country's money. But in the wake of the bomb blast at the Delhi High Court on Sept 7 that led to the death of 13 people, Anna commented that main accused in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks Ajmal Kasab should be "hanged publicly" in the interest of the nation and people.

Though, Anna Hazare had maintained that he was against death sentences, he said that an exception can be made in such cases. He said, "One (Kasab) is lying in jail for two years... how much expense we have to bear. He killed our people, destroyed our property and we are feeding him for two years."

He added further, "Tough measures should be quickly taken, otherwise others too will carry out blasts... They should be afraid. He (Kasab) should be hanged after a speedy trial... he should be hanged publicly. I know hanging is not good, but for the people and nation it should be done."

The popular crusader for the Jan Lokpal Bill had strong words to say about resource utilization of police personnel and stated that policemen should be posted in places they are needed most and not utilized wastefully. He commented, "I don"t need security, but I was given Z category security. Put these people elsewhere. Then work will be done."

On the security situation, Anna stated that citizens need to do their part and be cautious, and said, “Each citizen should also be cautious. The numbers of our police force are much smaller than the requirement of our population."

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