Del blast victim bleeds with over 1000 pellets in body

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Delhi Blast
New Delhi, Sep 10: The horrific blast outside the Delhi High Court left 13 dead and several injured. But one such victim amongst them was Nitin who has an unusual case. Over 1000 pellets' lodged in the body that might stay there for the rest of his life, according to doctors attending on him.

"Many of the injured have pellets lodged in their bodies. In case of Nitin, it is shocking that over 1,000 alone are lodged in his body. Nails, precariously large, have been used in the blast this time.

In Pramod Kumar Mahindra, the nail has got embedded in his thigh in C shape," Sunil Saxena, chief medical officer, RML hospital said.

"He was bleeding from the legs, hands and face. The sight was horrible. He has undergone a surgery and was in the ICU for some time. Now his condition is stable and we will conduct another tomorrow," he said.

"Since the pellets get sterile due to high temperature during the blast, so they won't cause any infection. As such we will not make any attempt to remove any of the pellets until the medical examination suggest that they might be dangerous."

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