Reddy brothers cursed for blowing up Suggalamma temple?

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Janardhan Reddy
Bangalore, Sept 6: G Janardhana Reddy, who was arrested on Monday, Sept 5, according to devotees has been cursed by Goddess Suggalamma over blowing up a temple on Sept 3, 2006 to extract iron-ore.

At Suggalamma temple, which is situated near the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border, a week before it was demolished, various rituals and elaborate puja were performed by 18 sanyasis and mantrikas from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Animals were also offered and sacrificed to appease the temple goddess. The power of goddess Suggalamma was reportedly transferred to another idol and the Reddy brothers were given strict instructions by the priest only to demolish the temple in a particular time period.

The Reddy's blew up the temple to garner the hidden treasure beneath before the deadline and took away all the treasure.

A case with the rural police was also registered in Bellary after which DIG Lakshmi Narayan along with CBI officials also visited the spot and a detailed report was prepared. The Reddy's have been alleged to have looted a large sum of iron ore from the temple premises.

A 1986 sketch revealed that the temple was a historic monument and according to Srinivasa Reddy's statement to CBI, there was no temple at the spot. On further investigation he revealed that the temple was demolished to build a bigger one.

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