Anna Hazare supporters yearn to pay for his medical bill

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Sep 1: Hundreds of Anna supporters stepped forward to pay for his medical bills on the grounds if he is charged, said reports.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and new web sites were flooded with messages like " I want to pay for Annaji."

"The people of India are with you, Annaji. We will pay for whatever expenses borne by you. Please give us the account number of India Against Corruption (IAC)," read a post by Keerat Prakash Yahoo news website.

Despite help pouring in it is not sure if Anna would be charged for his treatment. The veteran was admitted to a hospital after he ended his indefinte hunger strike after 12 days.

"He is a decent man. I have immense respect for what he is doing. Let us first see the bills, only then something can be said," said Naresh Trehan, heart specialist.

"Till now, he (Hazare) has not been charged. We can only say who will pay the bill if we get the bill," said Aswathi Muralidharan, India Against Corruption (IAC).

"Even when Trehan had seen him earlier, he was not charged," she added.

"I am an engineering student at IIT. I request hospital authorities and Team Anna to share the details of amount that is needed. Pocket money or part-time job, our classmates will give in all help," said S Guru Prakash from Bangalore.

" Anna is our nation (sic) hero. I am ready to contribute my one month full salary to meet his medical expenditure," read a tweet from his supporter in Ahemdabad.

Supporters also posted their phone numbers so that they could be contacted in need.

Support for Anna not only poured in from the country but people across the globe also came forward and pledged their support to the anti-corruption crusader.

People from India who were hailing the activist for his 288-hour fast for anti-corruption dubbed as "people's power" - people from across the globe also chipped in with words of praise for the activist.

"I am from Zambia. I love his courage and have been following his cause. If the people of India can't contribute to his cause, I will be more than happy to do it," read a tweet from Mwenda on Twitter.

"If a taxpayer's money can go to Prime Minister's relief fund, it should be utilised for the national hero's cause also. Your struggle for India to free it from corruption is immense," read a post by Trisha Jatania on Facebook.

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