Kiran Bedi asks Agnivesh to prove his innocence on video

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Swami Agnivesh-Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Aug 30: With Swami Agnivesh's video on Youtube grabbing media headlines, the matter has definitely left a bad taste in the mouth for Team Anna, who are presently basking in the glory of a successful agitation to get the Lokpal resolution in Parliament.

With Arvind Kejriwal's open declaration that Swami Agnivesh is no more a part of Team Anna, the matter has caused a serious dent in the Anna camp. Kiran Bedi went a step ahead and advised Agnivesh to file an FIR if he considered the video fake. Agnivesh has however refused to do by stating that his spiritual values bars him from doing so.

The video showed Agnivesh talking to a person on the phone and asking him to act tough on the fasting Gandhian. The person on the other end is purported to be Union Minister Kapil Sibal.

On the matter, Bedi said, "Our core committee said that we should ask swami what he has to say about it. But later I saw him saying on television that the audio (in the video) is false. I advised him to have an investigation."

She further added, "I neither want to be a judge nor prosecutor in this case. I have advised him. I have asked him to immediately file an FIR in this matter and get the matter investigated just as Shanti and Prashant Bhushan did (in the CD issue)."

Replying to the allegations, Agnivesh had claimed that the video was "doctored and concocted" and was a smear campaign against him. He commented, "My convictions are borne out of my spiritual values. I do not want to go to police. When someone attacked me in Ahmedabad during a meeting on Anna Hazare's campaign, I asked police not to report it and I forgave him."

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