Swami Agnivesh calls tape "doctored" and "cut and paste job"

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Swami Agnivesh
New Delhi, Aug 29: With Anna Hazare and team celebrating the successful protest/agitation against corruption in the system, looks like the rejoicement was short-lived with key Team Anna member Swami Agnivesh embroiled in a nasty controversy. The dampener in the Team Anna camp came when a video appeared on Youtube where Agnivesh was seen to be talking to a person and saying that the government should act tough on Anna Hazare.

With reports earlier stating that Swami Agnivesh was a Congress mole, this video sure gives some cognizance to the fact. There are reports suggesting that the person on the other end of the conversation is a Union Minister, and most likely Kapil Sibal.

Responding to the allegations, Agnivesh stated that the video footage was "doctored and concoted" and was part of a smear campaign against him. He has also vehemently denied that he had spoken to Kapil Sibal. Sibal had an earlier fall-out with Team Anna in the earlier stages of negotiations, with Anna camp later declaring that they would not like to take the discussion forward with either Kapil Sibal or P Chidamabaram.

The video shows Agnivesh as saying, "Kapil, Maharaj aap inko itna kyu de rahe hai(Maharaj, why are you giving them so much?)". Kiran Bedi also raised questions on the video and alleging that Agnivesh has been caught on camera, said, "Who's Maharaj? whether it is Kapil Sibal on the other side. He said Sibal sahab, I heard that."

Raising a tirade against the black sheep within Team Anna, Kiran Bedi called Agnivesh "absolutely unethical". There were hints earlier of an attitudinal shift among Team Anna and Swami Agnivesh and logical differences had emerged among them.

Bedi commented that the footage had "shocked us all and we are very uncomfortable with it". She added, "Only he can answer this. He should own it or reject. However it leaves no doubt. It obviously tell us what happened. He should tell us who is the person whom he mentioned in this."

Agnivesh responded to the allegations saying, "These were lies and it is a cut and paste job. There are several people in my personal circle whose first name is Kapil. I never address political leaders as 'Maharaj'. Kapil Maharaj could be anybody." He, however refused to divulge who he was talking to in the video.

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