Team Anna divided: Hazare betrayed?Bedi ashamed of Agnivesh?

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Kiran Bedi, Anna Hazare and Swami Agnivesh
New Delhi, Aug 28: One of the crucial members of Team Anna, Kiran Bedi on Sunday, Aug 28 tweeted on the controversial conversation between Swami Agnivesh and Kapil Sibal. Citing Bedi's tweet, it seems that reports on tapped phone conversation were true.

"@SubhashChaudhry the phone call evidence caught on camera is truly sad!" Bedi tweeted from her personal Twitter account.

Earlier reports emerged that Swami Agnivesh seems to have betrayed Anna Hazare during his (Anna's) battle for Lokpal Bill as he (Agnivesh) reportedly has been caught in a tapped phone conversation with Kapil Sibal.

A sensational video, which is available in the public domain, believed to have recorded a conversation between Agnivesh and telecom minister, Sibal. The tapped phone conversation indeed fetched a new controversy over the battle for Lokpal initiated by Anna Hazare.

Agnivesh allegedly referred Anna as "Pagal" (mad) while stating, "Kapilji, yeh to pagal ki tarah ho raha hai" (It's like he's turned mad).

Continuing his statement, Agnivesh also allegedly told Sibal, "You should definitely not concede any more ground, be firm," and also added, "do this to the government is very bad… Even after issuing such a big appeal, if after even Parliament has asked him, if Anna doesn"t give up his fast…"

The conversation believed to have been held during the negotiation between Team Anna and the government on Lokpal and Jan Lokpal Bill.

Agnivesh, who is believed as a crucial member of Team Anna, was seen advising Anna to call off his (Anna's) fast. Citing the latest tapped conversation, it seems that the 74-year-old Gandhian crusader was betrayed by his close aide.

Earlier Agnivesh was being quoted as saying, "Most decisions taken by Anna Hazare are his own. Once he makes up his mind and announces his decision, he expects everyone to adhere to them. If you do not accept his decision, you are told to stay out of the group."

"Anna Hazare should have ended his fast yesterday itself. He should have ended it in the afternoon, around 2. It was a golden opportunity for him to break the fast since the decision would have reflected a victory for Anna Hazare, government as well as the people of India," he added.

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