"London-style riots may arise in Kerala"

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Kozhikode , Aug 27: Kerala people do not be surprise if the streets of kerala will full of youngsters involve in ragging and looting like recent London riots.The behavioral change is a looming symptoms that has started to arise among youngsters of the state as said by eminent psychiatrists, Elspeth Mc Adam and Dr. K A H Mirza.To ignore such alarming situation they are training some volunteers from state who have joined in a programme called Our Responsibility to Children (ORC), a programme initiated by kerala police department to reinvent and rehabilitate the volunteers ,whose lives has upended to anti social activities.

The ORC , which was setup one year back to rehabilitate and support young population who are suffering from such behavioral change symptoms.This year training was held for five days in the city where Dr. K A H Mirza , who is a consulting psychiatrist and a senior lecturer at the kings University of London said that " Emotional behavior problems in children of Kerala has rose to 12 per cent from 5 per cent two decades ago.The new figures are similar to the figures of the United Kingdom." He also had wide experience in handling young people who are committed anti-social offenses in various countries includes Ireland, India , UK, Canada and India.

“Though the figures in Kerala are looking not so good, but there is hope. The sense of community among Malayalis is much different from those of England. In England, an initiative like this would be titled 'your responsibility towards children", and not 'our responsibility". That difference is a huge added quality that can help the children in Kerala to be rehabilitated,"as said Elspeth, when he asked about the relevant of the initiative,who works as organizational consultant in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Southern Africa and Columbia.

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