Team Anna denies involvement in Mahesh Bhatt heckling

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Mahesh Bhatt
Mumbai, Aug 26: Following the recent protest staged by Anna Hazare's supporters outside Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt's residence for his remarks, Team Anna in Mumbai condemned the threats made to the filmmaker. Feroze Mithibirwala, the spokesperson for Team Anna here denied the allegations of sending 50-60 people to protest outside Bhatt's home.

In fact, Mithibirwala claimed that they had found the boys, and that they "did it in their ignorance and were willing to apologise".

Bhatt had called the national hero Anna, a 'fascist'. His remarks infuriated Anna's supporters to such an extent that more than 50 supporters from Azad Maidan were instructed to march towards the filmmaker's home and stage a protest there. They shouted slogans like 'Anna is cool cool, Mahesh Bhatt is fool fool'.

One of the supporters shouted 'Kya Aruna itne saal so rahi thi?' This angered Mahesh Bhatt who replied "like Anna is your father, Aruna Roy is mother to me. So you cannot come to my office and talk against my mother."

When asked about this dissent, Bhatt said, "They were angry with me for apparently calling their movement fascist. I have explained to them that while I applaud Anna Hazare for bringing the issue of corruption onto the centre stage, I disagree with the Jan Lokpal Bill as the panacea to the nation's problems. I want the NCPRI's bill which has been put together by Aruna Roy. Her credentials are impeccable to be also placed before our Parliament."

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