Now magician offers to unlock Padmanabha temple secrets

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Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 26: With the Sri Padmanabha temple treasure capturing the imagination of people across the country, there are debates and counter debates; legal tangles and divine intervention at play when it comes to the opening of the vaults were the treasures are kept. Now, a magician has come forward to unlock the enigma surrounding the treasure trove, especially the one in the controversial 'B' vault.

Noted magician from Kerala, Samraj has offered his services to help unlock the secrets hidden in the unopened B vault and reveal details of its contents. He has agreed to do the same under express consent from the Supreme Court. [Read: Opening of B vault of Padmanabha to bring 'deadly' results!]

Samraj has also commented that he will hand over details of his findings to the Supreme Court appointed committee in a sealed cover. The details, he added will be handed over to the committee head C V Anandabose in the presence of royal family members and elected representatives of the area.

On his methodology in revealing the contents of the vault without actually opening it, Samraj clarified that he proposed to use 'transposition magic' in ascertaining the same. He also said that he did not possess any other spiritual powers and will only use his magic to know more on the contents of the vault.

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