China shuts down chain of pornographic websites

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Beijing, Aug 25: China in collaboration with US have shut down a chain of pornographic websites whose target audience mainly are the Chinese speaking in US, China and other countries.

Wang Yong, the owner and the operator of the website was arrested in US on Jun 23 by the FBI, said ministry of public security, China in a statement.

Wang has been operating illicit websites since 2007 after he left China from Fujjan province in Jan 2002 and controlled 48 porn websites, making his website the world's largest chain of pornographic websites.

According to the Ministry, Wang's 18 websites offered child pornography and the Chinese law convicts individuals responsible of selling, distributing, publishing pornography facing charges up-to 10 years in prison.

Hundred's of the site administrators were arrested and the website had at least 10 million members, said the police.

The police were unable to destroy the chain as its main operators and servers were based in the US. The operations to crack down on the website began in Apr 2010 after Chinese authorities and FBI began co-operating together.

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