Mumbai: Farmer pulls cart barefoot 400 kms for Anna

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Anna Hazare
Mumbai, Aug 23: The rural India is nowhere behind the metropolitan cities. Their motto seems to be like "Anything for Anna". Their love for the Gandhian crusader and determination to eradicate corruption has reached to a level where they are even ready to sacrifice their lives for him.

Vijay Balaso Jadhav, a 32-year-old farmer from Sangli district has been fasting since seven days along with Anna. In fact, he has shown the grit to travel barefoot from Anna's village all the way to Mumbai, with a cart in tow. He has covered a distance of around 400 km to express solidarity with the 74-year-old Gandhian.

Asked about adorning his own photo, he said, "I have come to fight the war against corruption and the enemy can do everything to kill us and crush our movement. So I have garlanded my own photo to send out a clear message that I am not afraid of death. I have already told my family to learn to live without me."

Jadhav said he has been involved in social activities for the past decade, but his encounter with Hazare two years ago changed his outlook. "Anna changed the way I looked at life. Death is the final destination; you may die of old age or get killed in an accident. And I prefer to die fighting against graft rather than being ruled by corrupt politicians," said the farmer, who is also a snake charmer by hobby.

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